Foreclosures and Short Sales

Chances are, you or someone you know is facing the possibility of foreclosure. It is important to know that you are not alone.

Today, well over 25% of homeowners with a mortgage are upside down on their homes. It is important to identify your options. Foreclosure can be avoided at times, credit can be less impacted, and your financial future can take less time to recover. In some situations, borrowers are able to keep their homes through a successful refinance or modification which is a great relief for them. 

Through my experience handling distressed property situations, we've found that most homeowners have many more questions than answers about their circumstances. This site has been created to help you understand the possible alternatives to foreclosure, as well as provide a detailed explanation of short sales or loan modifications & refinances, which may be the best course of action for some homeowners.

Take a look at the navigation buttons to the left of this text to help guide you through the information we have provided. Whether you are a home owner looking for ways to avoid foreclosure, a potential buyer interested in purchasing a foreclosed or short sale property, or are just looking for more information about distressed properties, I am available as a resource. 

As a CDPEŽ (Certified Distressed Property Expert),  I have a strong and unique appreciation of the factors affecting the market, and want you to know that there are options available to you.

If you would like to know more about your options, please contact me today! I'm here to help in any way I can!